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With Her New Duties, Amazon Alexa Becomes The Guardian Of Your Home

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Amazon’s voice assistant will be able to analyze ambient noise in your home and remind you if you go to bed without turning off the light. There are many other exciting features available in Alexa that you will love to explore.

Amazon has unveiled a dozen products embedding his voice assistant Alexa, some unexpected as a microwave. However, the US giant has also presented a series of new features “more practical, safer and more entertaining,” says the press release.

Priority to safety

From a simple “Alexa, I’m leaving”, you will soon be able to activate Alexa Guard. You will then monitor the ambient noise in your home, such as broken glass. As Alexa will also be connected to the smoke detector or carbon monoxide, it will centralize the information of these different sensors, to send you alerts.

The Amazon assistant will also take the initiative to turn on or off the light according to the danger, simulating, for example, a presence at home in case of intrusion. Alexa Guard will be available on some Echo devices before the end of the year in the United States.

Another innovation, “Hunches” (intuitions). Alexa knowing your habits, it will notify you of the changes. If you leave your living room by launching “Good Alexa Night” without turning off the lights, it will say “Good night.” By the way, your living room is always on. Do you want to turn it off? “.

In case of Internet failure, or if you are in an area where the Internet connection is not reliable, there will always be the possibility to control your equipment by voice if they are connected to a new Echo speaker equipped with a smart home hub. The communication will then use the Zigbee protocol (a low-power wireless transmission protocol dedicated to home automation).

The Echo Show devices will finally be able to interact with the Ring and August cameras. When the security camera detects the doorbell rings or motion, you will simply drop: “Alexa, answer the door” to see and talk to the person, without having to open. You can also use Alexa Routines to create personalized ads.

A “whisper” mode and new routines

Difficult so far to ask to turn off the light discreetly while your children have just fallen asleep. You had to make your request loud enough for her to be heard and the assistant answered you just as noisily.

The “whisper” mode will fill this major defect shared by all smart speakers. You will now be able to whisper a command to Alexa, and she will whisper back to you in response. Child-friendly routines are also planned to decline for example a “Good night” in different versions, depending on the age of the people.

It will become possible to make video and voice calls from Alexa but also to open a web browser like Firefox on the Echo Show screen.

As for entertainment, the Tidal musical service will be on Alexa, as well as the Amazon Music notifications. It will also be possible to better configure the speakers and choose, in particular, which room to play music when you have multiple devices. Note that the Echo Show will broadcast live television via Hulu, NBC or Fire TV recast. Finally, new skills (partner applications) will emerge as CNBC.

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