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How To Fix Connectivity Issues Occur In Amazon Echo?


Amazon Echo not being able to communicate with other smart home devices is, in fact, a serious issue, which needs to be resolved at once. If you too are facing this issue and looking for a concrete solution for the same, then you better follow the steps given below.

Amazon Echo has been able to cement its place in the world of smart voice assistants. It’s been three years, and there are no signs of slowing down of the sales of Amazon Echo. The company is constantly adding new skills and third-party integration into the device, thus making the device more lucrative. For those looking to perform normal household tasks, the Amazon Echo is a perfect device, as it easily connects with smart home hubs that control lights, fans, and other electric and electronic gadgets.

Amazon Echo despite gaining lots of appreciation and applauds from people all over the world has experienced a number of issues as well. Like all other electronic smart devices, Amazon Echo isn’t fully immune to technical glitches and errors.

The operation of the Amazon Echo goes like this; you communicate with its voice assistant ‘Alexa’, which hears the request, processes it and then, provide you with the most appropriate response. But, people are facing issues these days, i.e., when they give commands to Alexa, they see an unusual thing happening with the device, i.e., the whole sentence is not stored and some words are skipped by Alexa.

Some Echo users restarted their devices thinking that the problem will be resolved by restarting the device, but that didn’t happen. If you are dealing with the same problem, then here is how you can fix it.

Reboot Everything

Restarting a device is the first line of troubleshooting, and on most occasions, problems seem to dissipate after restarting a device. However, the problem with Amazon Echo couldn’t be resolved by restarting.

Amazon too advises its customers to perform a power cycle on the router and modem if Amazon Echo is not working. Once the modem and router are fully powered up, then you need to restore the power to Amazon Echo. If you want to check whether the device is working fine or not, you will have to stream an audio file or interact with Amazon Echo for a few minutes to see if the issue is solved or not.

Relocate the device

If you haven’t placed Amazon Echo and router at a central location of the house, then you need to locate them to a location where the working of both, Amazon Echo and the router is better.

If you have relocated the device, yet facing the issue, then you must get in touch with Amazon Echo Setup help and support providers.

Switch to 5 GHz

If your router is a dual-band router, then you may come across issues in it, as a dual-band router operates on 5 GHz frequency, which may not be supported by Amazon Echo. It is better to use a router that operates on a 2.4 GHz frequency.

Reset your Amazon Echo

If you have tried all the above-mentioned solutions, yet the issue exists, then you have no other option but to reset the device. You can take help of Amazon Echo help and support providers to know how to factory reset the device.

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