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What are the new Gadgets released by Amazon in its Existing Line Of Alexa-Enabled Devices?

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Few days back, Amazon has released a number of new Alexa-powered devices which will work according to your voice commands. These devices are designed keeping in mind the ease of users. Users can now control their wall clock, microwave, and other smart home devices simply through speech.

Let’s discuss some of them in details:

  1. Echo Auto: This device is designed for your car. You can connect this Mic with your phone and use full features of Alexa on it. It is developed to work in an extreme noise environment.

According to Amazon, it has eight-way Mic that will listen to your commands even during the noise on the road or from different directions.

Is it worth buying: If you want to eliminate the sound that picked up from the rubber tire on asphalt, then this is the best device to use. Moreover, you don’t need to look at this device, continue driving without any problem.

Price: $24.99

  1. Echo show 2nd generation: In simple language, this is an Echo with screen affixed. The primary use of this device is to look up for recipe in the kitchen or getting the latest weather update before moving out of the house. Apart from this, you can use it for watching videos, shows, and movies from YouTube and other online sources. Amazon has also updated its speakers. The screen size available on this device is 10 inches which were 7 inches earlier in previous models.

Is it worth it? Echo show has its own fans and has a deep interest in it. If we compare it with other products in the market, then you can get the same features and functions on Amazon new Fire tablet which is available for just $50. So, it is a cheaper option for you.

Price: $229

  1. Echo sub: This is a wireless subwoofer used for connecting to existing Echo device. You can enhance the bass and volume of your Echo, dot and plus with this product.

Is it worth it? Though this range is not as popular as others, you can experience the theater sound at home with 11 different sound modes available in it.

Price: $129

  1. Echo link and link Amp: Amazon has designed this product for your existing audio equipment available at home. You can stream music through this Echo link and Link amp after connecting it to the stereo. You can control the music volume, bass and treble with your voice and this device are capable to play Hi-fi sounds due to a built-in 60w amplifier that gets connected to the speakers.

Is it worth buying it? For music lovers, this device is certainly going to be a degree of excitement and enjoyment at such a reasonable price.

If you compare it with Sonos amp which was available for $600, this is much advanced and reliable amp with latest features inbuilt. Amazon has launched it with least price so as to nail its competitors.

Price: $199 for the link and $299 for the amp.

  1. Echo Input: This is a disc-shaped device useful for experiencing Alexa by connecting to the speakers via Bluetooth or via 3.5 mm cable. You don’t need to purchase echo separately after purchasing it.

Is it worth buying?  If you want to change the existing old speakers to Alexa powered one, then Amazon input is best in the line of Alexa powered devices. You can upgrade any existing equipment with this device.

Price: $34.

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