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TiVo DVRs Are Now Coming With Alexa Voice Support

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TiVo has recently made an announcement in which it has stated that some of their TiVo DVRs are now coming with Alexa voice-assistant support feature. The purpose of adding this functionality is to control all the functions through your voice without picking hand in the remote. As of now, Alexa support is added to the 4 models namely; Bolt, Bolt vox, Roamio, and Premiere. Alexa, as well all know is a personal assistant coming in Echo tap, Dot and Echo smart devices.

The company is adding Alexa support for selected models of DVRs. This all has been made possible with Developer tools available online. You will find voice control feature in streaming devices, cable and satellite TV companies. Recently, Dish TV has introduced the voice-support feature in its streaming service and become the first of its kind TV provider in the United States. Other companies that are working with Amazon includes DirecTV, Verizon, and TechCrunch.

Amazon video skill was added in DVR last month and now the company is rendering the voice services to manage and set DVR recordings. The same has been applied by TiVo on its DVRs through Video skill API.

Furthermore, TiVo is also planning to launch the smart home integration feature in collaboration with Amazon Alexa and Google.

According to company persons, the company is offering the service to its users so that they can control all the smart things available at home with voice. For example, you can change the channel from CBS to Hulu, Amazon, Fox by simply speaking the same to ‘Alexa’.

The main difference between the Alexa voice assistant available in TiVo DVRs and other DVRs is its support for different smart home devices through unique codes and features. A skip mode is only available in TiVo DVR but not in other company DVRs.

If you want to skip commercials, you can speak to Alexa for the same. If you want to move forward or back by 8 seconds, then even you can command Alexa, it will act accordingly.

TiVo Senior Director, Heymann said the life of people is now totally changed with the advent of voice-enabled devices in the market. The users can now watch their favorite stuff even while preparing the dinner. Simply speak to Alexa to open a channel and play ‘Xyz’ content.

A placeholder screen is going to launch soon in the market which will be displayed on the Alexa-supported devices. If you want to get it, then update the software version to 20.7.4 or higher.

It has come to the fore that the Personal assistant support added in the TiVo DVRs is developed by the company itself. This is not a third party development. You will get a voice-assisted remote with new models like Mini VOX, Bolt VOX and etc.

However, if you don’t want to purchase a new TiVo but want to enjoy the speech technology on remote, then you can buy the remote separately from the market. It is available at a most economical price. The main objective of the company behind launching this product is to give strong competition to its rivals.

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