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How To Use Todoist With Amazon Echo?

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Now, you can easily manage Todoist tasks from any Amazon Echo smart device hands-free with the help of virtual speech assistant, Alexa. With your voice commands, you can ask Alexa to add tasks to your Todoist, update shopping list and read the tasks available or due for today. Let’s explore about it in details.

You can ask the below mention things from Alexa:

  • Alexa ‘buy coffee or add it to my shopping list’.

When you speak ‘Buy coffee’. It will automatically get added to the shopping list project in the Todoist. The due date for the order will automatically set to today. If you want, you can change from the checkout screen.

  • Alexa, add ‘pick up kids day after tomorrow at 5 pm to my to-do list’.

Now this message will automatically get added to the Todoist inbox list with date and time mentioned on it.

  • When you ask Alexa about ‘To-do list for that day’. It will recite the task through speakers. You can manage accordingly.

In the same way, if you forgot to pay the bills on time, then you can add this task to the ‘To-do’ list through Alexa. Simply speak ‘Alexa, pay monthly rent or bill on the first of every month’. It will remind you of the same on every first of every month.

This recurring task will be added to the Todoist permanently. You don’t need to set this reminder again and again. It will remain added to the ‘To-do’ list.

How to link Todoist and Alexa?

In order to connect the Todoist to Alexa, you need to enable the same skill through either of two ways.

  • Command Alexa to ‘Enable Todoist Skill’.
  • You can enable it online from Follow on-screen instructions and perform them in the same manner.

For more information about ‘How to enable Alexa skills’, you can go to or support. Amazon Echo Connect. All the necessary information is available on this page.

How to disconnect Alexa integration: Simply speak to Alexa ‘Disable Todoist’.

You can alternatively remove the skills like Todoist from the Amazon help page.

How this all works?

  • Every morning, all the Todoist tasks that are due for today will be added to the ‘To-do’ list.
  • Once the task gets added in the ‘Alexa to-do list’, it will auto-set to ‘Today’s due date’ in the Todoist inbox.
  • All the commands related to shopping will keep on adding in ‘Shopping list’ in the Todoist project and vice versa.
  • All tasks that are completed or deleted from Todoist will keep on updating on Alexa To-do list and vice versa.
  • If you are sharing the shopping list with other Amazon device, then Alexa will not sync the shopping in the Todoist inbox. You have to add the list manually in the Todoist.

Some questions related to Todoist: Some users have asked on Amazon forum that which languages Alexa supports. So, the answer is ‘English’. It supports only English as of now. Another question raised by users is; can they complete a task using Alexa? The answer is No. Sorry, this is not possible for the time being.

For any future updates or Alexa Setup App skills, you can stay tuned to Alexa echo device support page. All the latest news and information first uploaded on this page.

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