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How To Use Spotify With Amazon Echo?

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An Amazon Echo is a voice assistant that supports a number of music services. By default, the music turns on by Alexa will be fetched from Amazon music. Spotify is the best music service is regarded as a royal treatment to the Amazon Echo.

You can play music via Spotify on your Amazon Echo as well as set it as a default music service in place of Amazon Music. Amazon Echo speakers work connected devices for Spotify and you can control it through voice.

You can have full control over the Spotify library and that too through your voice. You can change the EQ mode or other configurations of audio through different commands. You might be wondering to know how it works. Well, let’s go into details.

How to add Spotify to Alexa?

  • Open the Alexa app.
  • Tap Music and books
  • Choose Spotify from the list.
  • Login to Spotify account with the available credentials.
  • Connect your accounts with each other.

Can Spotify free play with Alexa?

Sorry, this feature is not available. You can play songs only after having a subscription for a premium account. If you don’t want to take subscription as of now, then there are other options available online. First of all, if you have Amazon Prime membership, then you can enjoy Amazon music library without any cost. Moreover, with Google Home, you can use Spotify for free from Echo.

How to set the Spotify as a default music service?

You should be thankful to the Amazon that it is providing you with the opportunity to set Spotify as a default music service on Amazon Echo instead of using Amazon music service.

To configure the settings, you need to open ‘Alexa app’ and go to ‘Settings’. From there, you need to over to Music and media. Now, tap on ‘Select default music service’ and set Spotify. Click ‘Done’ and save the settings.

Can you use Multiple Spotify accounts?

In case, you want to connect Spotify multiple accounts, you can do so but the things may get complicated.

It’s not directly possible to use the multiple accounts at the same time but you can switch between the profiles through Amazon Echo. So, if you have multiple accounts, then you can use either of the accounts to get the respective effect.

If you have not created an additional account yet, then you can add through below-mentioned techniques.

Go to and over to ‘Settings’ from ‘Household Profile’. You can switch between them by simply saying ‘Alexa, Switch profile’.

How to play with Spotify connect?

For your information, we want to mention that Spotify connect is supported by Amazon Echo speakers so you don’t need to use voice all the time. Selecting music through phones or tablet is easier than to suggest ideas through the tongue. From the Spotify app installed in tablet or smartphone, you will find the Echo speakers in the list of devices available for connection.

Important Alexa Spotify commands

So, you can now start streaming music from your favorite Spotify app. But you might not know what to speak to Alexa. So, here’s the list of commands available to speak to Alexa.

Alexa Play ‘Title/Album/artist’ from Spotify’.

Alexa play ‘playlist’ from Spotify.

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