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How to get rid of 4 most common Alexa issues on Amazon Echo Smart Device?

amazon echo issues

Some smart devices of Amazon for e.g. Echo and Tap function very skillfully according to our need. In some circumstances, if our device is not functioning properly, then this will result in dissatisfaction for that product. With this Amazing Echo, we can change the colors of smart LED’s and control the temperature of the thermostat without using the phone in hand.

However, things don’t always go flawlessly you may or may not come across a technical glitch that is common in Amazon voice-assisted products. Today, we are going to discuss some of the common Alexa issues encountered in the Amazon Echo device.

  1. Alexa not finding smart-home devices: Before Connect to Alexa, don’t forget to check the compatibility of that device whether that device supports Amazon Echo or not. The major companies that support the Alexa smart voice technology include Honeywell, Philips Hue, and Ecobee3.

Adding a device: To add any new device, you need to click on ‘Smart home’. After this, go to ‘Discover devices’. If the device is not appearing in the list, then nothing to worry, you can check the list of supported devices from the official Amazon Echo Dot Support page.

If you find a problem in connected the devices that are already connected, then you can follow the steps mentioned here as under:

  • The problem can be due to network, software or other issues prevalent on the device. To fix the problem, simply restart all the network devices. This will solve your problem.
  1. Alexa De-link all the times: If the connection to the network from your Amazon Echo device keeps on de-linking, then you can follow the step given below:
  • Restart all devices like modem, speaker and router. Try playing audio after this. If you find the problem still exists, then call Amazon support.
  1. Alexa not listening to you: In case Echo mic doesn’t recognize your voice or the Alexa is not responding to your queries, then turn off the mic and speaker and wait for 5 minutes. After this, Turn on the system again and check if the Alexa has started listening to the voice or not. Try to keep yourself close to the Mic so as to avoid any hindrances in-between.

Apart from this, you can also go through voice training program available on Alexa app. From here, you will come to know the right way or phrases which Alexa can easily understand with your voice. You need to speak from permissible limit and distance.

  1. Accidental Activation of Alexa: You might have watched ‘Mr. Robot’ show. The voice of cast member is similar to ordinary person so this may sometimes activate Amazon Echo accidentally. No matters what is going to ask by a person in the show? Alexa will start responding accordingly. This may sound bizarre but it is real fact and will create a nuisance. You can take support for this issue from the customer care representatives.

To fix the automatic activation problem, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Change the location and direction of the speaker.
  • Press the Mute button when Echo not in use.
  • Change the wake-up word to some new phrase or ‘not easy to recognize’ word.

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