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How To Control Echo Without a Smartphone App?

Control Echo Without a Smartphone App

There is a number of Amazon Echo users who are not using the device to the fullest due to the fact that they are not aware of some of the hidden features of this magic device. One of that feature is booming panel with the help of which you can control and modify the echo.

Why is it required?

Amazon Echo is a device that works on speech recognition technology. There’s a voice assistant Alexa that listens to your commands through Mic and responds to the query accordingly. All this is possible with the internet connection enabled on the device. Once your device gets connected to Amazon Echo, you can ask anything like weather forecast, local news and movies from the Alexa.

As we have discussed that Amazon must be connected to the device. Here the device refers to a smartphone on which the Amazon Alexa Setup app is installed. The Echo will communicate with the smartphone through this app and process the information through the same. Another option available for connecting to the Echo is a web interface.

Today, we are going to discuss steps to setup Echo with Web-interface instead of a smartphone.

Steps for accessing the echo wirelessly

To enjoy the echo services on the web, you need to set up. Connect the echo to the home network and log in to the Echo account. Open Browser and type

So right after this, you will find that all the activities and interfaces will start displaying on the big screen. You will find it more comfortable than peeping into a small smartphone screen.

All the features accessible from a smartphone can be accessed from web-interface as well. The display, as well as features, will also be same. If you have Alexa app on your phone, then you can easily match the features and color combinations of menus.

To control the song playlist, you will find a button on the top. You can easily change the song or play the next one and that too from the big screen. Just click on them or over the mouse to it. To check the recently played songs, click on ‘Previously played’ icon.

If you want to do online shopping, then it is possible on the web interface. Click on items you want to add to cart and finally go to check out sections. Here you will find the fields where you need to enter the personal details for dispatch. No doubt, this is a bit lengthy project but you can do all this with the help of voice commands even if Alexa is available. In case you have any problem, you can contact Amazon Echo support phone number.

All the latest updates related to technology, Automobiles, Science and score updates will be available on the computer screen just with the help of a single click. You just have to click on the suitable option, rest everything will be done by the Echo device.

Conclusion: So, at last, we can say that all the things that can be controlled with Alexa app on a smartphone can also be controlled through Alexa web interface- provided it must be configured properly on your computer. You can switch to any features from the screen just with the help of mouse or your voice.

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