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How To Control Amazon Alexa Remotely?

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Amazon Echo owners know how to talk to Alexa directly. But if you away from Echo, then how to talk to it? Well, you can still communicate with Alexa and run different commands on it.

You can control your Amazon Echo from distance through Amazon Alexa Account app. This app can be installed in any OS whether it is iOS or Android. Besides this, you can buy remote control from Let’s discuss the different ways to talk to Alexa remotely.

Using Alexa app

Let’s begin with Alexa app. You can listen to favorite music read audiobooks on online Echo devices. Launch the app and from the home screen, go to settings and click on ‘Music and books’. From here, you need to click on Browse music. At the music, click on the drop-down arrow and select the Echo device. Select the content or list you want to play.

Amazon Music: Once you open the Amazon music app, you can click on any of the sub-categories like Artist, Playlist, Songs, and Genres. You can create your own library of songs in Amazon music. Click on the particular song you want to play. Through the mobile app, you can play, pause, move ahead, back and shuffle the music.

Reminders, Alarms, and Timers

Furthermore, there’s an option to set an alarm, reminder, and timer on the echo device. For this, you will have to go back to the home screen and click on the ‘Menu’ button. From the drop-down list, click on Hamburger icon and select ‘Reminders and Alarms’. You can now add a reminder or create an alarm. All these items will keep on adding on Echo device.

Using Amazon App

If you want to order anything at home from the shopping list, then you can order through Amazon shopping app. You can order new products related to music, kindle books and search for information. If no app is installed in your phone, then you can download it from the respective app store like for Android, it is play store.

Microphone Access

When you configure it for the first time, you will have to go through certain steps. Once it gets configured, you can directly use this. Click on ‘Button’ to Allow Mic access.

Tell Alexa what’s your requirement

The app will ask what you are looking for. You can command anything to Alexa. Amazon will be happy to get orders from online shopping store. Another thing you can try include search for an album from music search, access other skill that is available for Echo device.

Reverb the Amazon Alexa app

This app provides you with the access to chat with Alexa. You can get the answers to your questions from Alexa through this app. Click on ‘Other Alexa’ skills.  Download the app from the Apple store or from Google play store. The version of the app should be latest. Open the app and click to agree to the terms and conditions. Login to the Amazon account and connect the reverb app with Alexa.

This is all about the process to connect to the Amazon Alexa remotely through different ways. If you have any doubt or problem, you can contact Amazon Echo support.

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