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How to connect Amazon Echo connect to the landline phone to get and make calls over Alexa?

amazon-echo conect with landline

Amazon designed and develop the smart product named Echo connect with the help of which you can make and get calls through the Echo device. The voice assistant will perform all the functions like making a call by dialing or find the contact name. You just have to speak through the mic available in your Echo device. The caller voice will be received through speakers’ built-in Echo device. This whole operation will be done through an internet connection established on all the devices.

Requirements for connecting the phone to echo connect

In order to make and receive calls, you need to have the following things with you. Only after this, you can run the process smoothly. First of all, there are 3 things that are primarily required for connection: The phone, Echo device and VoIP with Alexa app installed on the phone. The phone app will be used to sync the contacts with Alexa through Echo device. After this, when you command Alexa to call anybody who is saved in the contact list. It will automatically arrange a call for you.

How to connect Echo Connect?

To connect the echo connect to the phone. You need a cable or Ethernet cable. If your phone has line jack, then you can connect to the Echo through normal cable. After this, open the Alexa app and sync the contacts stored on your phone. It will fetch all information automatically. Furthermore, you need to go through the following steps to finish the Echo Dot Setup.

  1. Login to the Alexa app through available login credentials.
  2. Turn the Echo connect on by connecting it to the power supply with the help of adapter provided in the box. You have to connect the cable to the adapter and to the Echo connect. If you find no wire in the box, then you can purchase it from Amazon store.
  3. Once the device gets connected, a solid red light on the power indicator confirms that your device is now working.
  4. Connect the phone to the echo connect with the phone cable.
  5. If you want to connect to more than 1 handset, then you have to use a splitter with Echo connect.
  6. Connect the app to the available home network and check if it started working or not.

How to make and get calls on Echo to connect?

Now, you can connect to anyone who is available in your phone book. Just ask Alexa to call to a particular contact with the name. It will place a call through the internet and you will soon find your friend voice coming through the Echo device. Your friend will even receive your phone number on his screen. No matter you are calling through VoIP or through landline.

Once you disconnect Alexa from the internet, all the sync contacts will automatically get lost and you will not be able to talk to anyone after this. So far we have discussed how to make calls through Echo connect. The same thing is applied for receiving the call. When someone calls you, simply pick through Echo connect and start talking through the Echo device.

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