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How To Configure And Use Alexa Drop In And Calling Function On Amazon Echo?

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Before discussing the setup process, we would like to discuss what ‘Alexa Drop In’ is and how you enable it.

What is Alexa Drop In and how to enable it?

With Alexa Drop In function, you can call at any Alexa enabled available in the household. It is used for check-in at home instead of calling the specific person. You can use it as an intercom at home especially in big homes where 2 rooms are at distances from each other. If your family member has Echo show, then you can make a video call and drop a message.

How to sign-up?

Once you download the app on your device, you are all connected to the Echo. The next thing to do is just sign-up from the app for Alexa messaging and calling. Click on Conversation option to sign up for the account.

Devices that support Drop In and calling

  • Amazon Echo
  • Amazon Echo show and Spot.
  • Echo Dot.
  • Amazon Echo plus.

How to start Drop-In from Alexa device?

You don’t need to do anything from the smartphone, you can directly speak to Alexa to start Drop-In service. Just say ‘Alexa, Drop In on’ to start a call. This will work for all devices available within the home. If you want to use Drop In for distant devices, then the steps are different for setup.

How to use for family and friends?

Once the contact approved your Drop In, You can speak Alexa Drop In with contact name. You will find the name appearing on the screen or in the address book. If you want to turn off the video for Echo show, then simply speak the same to Alexa.

How to start Drop-In from Alexa app?

To Drop In to contact from your phone, just open the Alexa app and click on ‘Conversation tab’. You will find Drop in the menu when you tap on it, you will find a quick list of all devices available to access. If for any reason you are not seeing any device in the list, you can click on ‘Contact’ icon and select the person from the address list.

Alexa Calling and messaging

As the name implies, after connecting to the Alexa Setup Wifi enabled devices, you might not want your mom to power on Drop In uninvited. Luckily, this option is available in the arrangement. In spite of this, you can use this function to give a call to your friend or family. If you want, you can send a message to the Alexa device by defining the name from the contact list.

How to do call with Alexa?

To make a call to any Echo device from the contact list, open the App and click on ‘Conversations’. Select the contact button and you will find the list of contacts stored here. All the registered echoes will be displayed here on the screen. Press to select any one contact from the list of friends and select the telephone icon. You can call at their Echo without calling at their phone. So, that means there is no need to have a phone with you. You only need an internet connection and the Echo device.

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