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How To Check The Security Footage Of Camera Through Amazon Echo Device?

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Do you know about the fact that you can catch a live feed of your Smart security camera on the Echo show and Echo spot? If you have a Fire TV, then you can catch the same even on the TV.

From the above passage, it is clear that you don’t need any smartphone or tablet screen to monitor the camera, you can attach the same to the Echo show or spot for live coverage. All you have to require is an Amazon device and a smart security camera that supports Amazon smart devices. The rival Google is also offering the same functions on its Google Chromecast device but the working of this is totally different from that of Echo show.

All the security cameras that work with Alexa and Amazon Echo show and spot are from the different brands. These are Netgear Arlo, TP-Link, Nest, Wyze, Amcrest, Honeywell, Logitech and of course, Amazon Cloud cam. Don’t buy or go with cameras from any other brands other than listed above. If you find any camera brand listed in Alexa app, then don’t go directly before checking the voice controls and its features. For more information and support, go to

The steps to connect the security camera to the Alexa app are:

  1. Open menu and click on ‘Skills’.
  2. Check for a particular Sometimes some cameras lack some skills and some support all skills. Don’t mix this with smart home apps.
  3. Enable skill and link the account to Alexa.
  4. You are now required to add a camera as a device to the Amazon. Click on ‘Add device’ button from the smart home section or by asking ‘Alexa, search for my devices’.

Display security camera using Alexa

  • If you want to watch the video, the say ‘Alexa show camera name’. The name of the camera is given in the Alexa app. By default, the name of the camera is the one displayed on the camera box. If you want to change it, you can change it easily from settings. Go to settings and click on ‘Connected devices’. Open settings of connected devices.
  • If you have linked the Echo speaker to the Fire TV device, then you will get the display on the TV. The command is different for this and you have to speak through the remote control.
  • If you want to stop viewing the camera, then simply say ‘Alexa, stop or hide my camera’, Alexa stop, Alexa go home or show home screen. If you want to show the clock, then command accordingly.
  • Apart from this, you can press the back button of your Fire TV remote to go back to the home screen or to exit the currently opened window.
  • The feed will stay as long as the time is mentioned on the screen by the camera manufacturer, for example, 30 minutes on Nest. If you want to get it again, then you have to send the same request.

This is all about the steps to check the security footage of your camera through Amazon Echo Help. If you are having any doubt, then call us at our support number.

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