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How To Carry Out Tasks With Amazon Echo And Alexa?

Echo Dot Setup, Amazon Echo Setup

In order to perform any task through Alexa and Amazon Echo, you need to first configure the device on smartphone or tablet. The configuration process is quite easy and simple to implement. Let’s start with the setup process.

Alexa is a voice assistant available in Amazon Echo device. You can talk to the Echo device through ‘Voice assistant’ Alexa. Now, we are going to discuss the things that are required for setup.

  1. Configure Echo through Alexa app or through the browser: To download the Alexa app on your smartphone, open Google play store from Android phone and iTunes from Apple iPhone. In case of any problem, you can open a web-based

From the link available on a computer browser, configure the new device. Setting up more than one device at a time requires the same steps to be implemented again.

It is recommended to use a web-based interface for initial Echo setup as there are some people who have reported the problem in using the device with the home hub through Bluetooth.

  1. Set music as default on Amazon Echo: You have the option to listen to any music through built-in speakers of Echo device. These speakers allow you to play any kind of music stuff through Alexa app installed on the mobile If you want to get a complete library of music on screen, then you need to subscribe to the different music apps.
  2. Tune your Amazon Echo flash briefing: You can easily get the latest stuff on your Echo through Flash briefing feature available on Alexa dot Setup app. If you want, you can select news source of your choice.

For this, you have to go to ‘Flash briefing’. Here, a number of news sources are available like BBC world, The Guardian, Telegraph and many more.

  1. Sync Alexa to iCloud, Calendar and Google: If you want to get a reminder for your important meeting, conferences or agenda that is going to be held in future, then you can sync your Alexa to the Google calendar or iCloud. You can even set a reminder for same day meetings or birthday party. You can ask anything from Alexa irrespective of odd hours. To enable sync function, Go to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Calendar’.
  2. Download more Alexa skills: Besides all the skills that we have mentioned above, you can do a lot of things with the help of Alexa enabled on Echo.

Skills are none but kind of plugins that can be installed in your browser or configured into the app installed in the smartphone. Right from ordering the meal, listening to music and to booking a cab and getting the latest weather report before going out for refreshment.

  1. Change Wake word for Echo: Though this is not a mandatory task you can consider changing the wake word if you have more than one echo device at home. This will help in removing any confusion between the two devices running on the same If you want, you can change the pitch of sound recorded. The steps to change the wake word are: Go to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Wake word’. Click on ‘Select new one’. Keep mic close to your face and record the new phrase or wake word. You can select any wake word of your choice.

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