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Amazon Soon Going To Add Voice-Assistance Capability In Microwave And Other Household Gadgets

amazon microwave

Amazon has recently come up with 70 new Voice-Assisted devices in the market. These devices are used by individuals on routine basis. The most common among them are: Wall clock, cars and Microwave oven. Apart from this, there are 65 other devices to which the voice capability has been added by Amazon.

As we know that these smart devices works on internet so they require internet connection for connecting to Virtual assistant Alexa. Now, with the launch of these devices some people are in dilemma whether it will add convenience or make complications in life. Let’s discuss, how useful these devices are?

Amazon has developed these products keeping in mind its rival companies like Apple and Google which are already running their smart home product in the market. To counterpart it, Amazon has rolled out all new smart home product that will work on your voice commands.

For example, Amazon has launched the Echo clock recently that will not only display time but will update the analog hands automatically with the help of daylight saving time. At the same time, You can control your home lights, coffee making machine, and other devices with the help of smart plug that will turn on and off according to your voice commands.

Amazon prime focus is on Kitchen so as to help those ladies who love to watch favorite shows along with cooking. They are aiming at controlling the channels of TV with the voice so that ladies don’t find any need to hold the remote in hand for changing the channel while preparing their favorite dish. Besides this, a voice-controlled Microwave will bake potato simply through your voice. You don’t need to touch it physically. If you want to bake them again, then simply speak Bake potato Alexa. It will adjust the time accordingly. You don’t need to sit to watch and wait.

Amazon in recent press release also discussed about the all new Echo show in which they have added display along with the inbuilt speaker. The use of this display is to see the currently playing song information or recipe of dish you are going to prepare. You can watch recipe online through YouTube on Echo show display. If you want to order some grocery items from Amazon store, then you can select from Echo show screen and add it to cart.

Amazon attempt to control all the things through voice is on its way to success. Earlier in 2018, Amazon started selling fire TV cube that was replaced with Fire TV. In new Fire TV cube, the company has added an Alexa Setup support.

It is significant to understand here that if you purchase any new device, then there is no guarantee of inbuilt Mic, you may need to purchase new Echo device that is available for $50. The all new Hockey shaper speaker is much advanced and reliable than its previous versions. If you want you can add subwoofer for bass surround sound for just $130.

Echo Auto, This device is designed for talking capabilities in car. You can connect this device to the car through your smartphone. It requires internet connection for working. You can ask the right road map and directions from Echo Auto, it will start speaking through car speakers.

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