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3 Basic Privacy Settings Of Your Amazon Echo

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Robot secretaries or world where everything is conveyed or obeyed through command was a nightmare at some point in time. Now, this dream come true with the Amazon Echo that hit the market in 2015. This is digital voice assistant which can carry a number of tasks through your voice.

Despite stiff competition with Google, Amazon is dominating the digital market with over 75% share in the virtual assistant market. As Amazon has kept on updating the apps and ever-growing library, so this device is becoming popular with every passing day.

Some of the users believe that Alexa always listens to your voice and it keeps on recording and storing the voice. They are even worried that their device may get hacked or enable hackers to hack device easily.

If you are having an Echo at home, then be ready for the shock. Before getting deeper into details, we will have a look at the settings related to security of Echo.

  1. Turn off Echo’s mic: The most vulnerable part of any device especially Echo is its mic which converts your sound into an electrical signal and compromises private conversations. To turn off the mic, press the mic button from the top of the device. When the button glows red, it means the mic is off. To reactivate it again, press mic button.

Then again, muting the mic will stop listening to the commands and become a useless personal assistant. The always listening and ‘on’ feature of smart device makes it really a compelling gadget to have.

  1. Turn off voice purchasing or set up a PIN code for purchases: You can order Alexa to purchase detergent or any other household items through smart device Echo. It will automatically add the things to cart and place order at the same time. But a single mistake can breach all your purchases and cost you more. So, we recommend you to turn off the voice purchase option from the amazon app or website. To turn it off from Alexa app, click on ‘settings’ and go to ‘Voice purchase and toggle the switch to off’.
  2. Check DropIn settings: In June, Amazon launched new feature by the name of ‘Drop In’ that work on all gadgets like Echo dot and show. With Drop-In feature, you can connect multiple echo’s with each other. There is no need to make a call to the person who is having echo, you can start intercom.

Although it is convenient in many ways, there can be a privacy issue in it. Since people can listen to your echo through this feature.

Open Smartphone Alexa app and click on ‘Settings’. From here, you need to click on ‘Speaker’. Scroll down and click on ‘Drop In’. From here you can turn this feature on and off.

If you want to disable or enable Drop-In for a particular contact, then you can do so from the conversations tab available in Alexa app. Click on the top right corner of the page. From the contact list, search for the contact you want to add in the Drop-in function. Toggle it on or off anytime according to your convenience.

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